Maksim Grinberg

Maksim Grinberg, of New York City, can trace his desire to help others back to his youth, which was spent in present day Ukraine. Today, the beloved philanthropist continues giving and practicing gratitude.

“For the longest time I saw myself helping people, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to continuously do that until I came to the United States,” Maksim Grinberg said. “I could not be more grateful to be in the position I am where I can give back and help so many people from so many different backgrounds. Especially some of New York’s at-risk youth.”

Maksim Grinberg is known throughout the five boroughs of New York City for his philanthropic work and dedication to helping those in need, including at-risk youth. Maksim Grinberg has partnered with Lions Fight Martial Arts Center several times to sponsor youth and events to encourage students to spend time in the material arts club and not on the street.

“Maksim has helped so many students,” Lions Center President and US National Team Coach Artyom Sahakyan explained. “If the kids need gloves, equipment or anything, Maksim is always there to help. He is a good man”.