Maksim Grinberg

Maksim Grinberg announced a donation to, and support of, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in Washington D.C. Maksim Grinberg wants to help families who are affected by problem gambling through his donation.

Maksim Grinberg says, “I feel that this donation is an opportunity to help meet the needs of people who are suffering from problem gambling. Ultimately, my goal is to help individuals and families get access to services they desperately need.”

Maksim Grinberg believes this donation can help support the NCPG’s mission to provide assistance, prevention, education, and research surrounding problem gambling.

Maksim Grinberg says, “Family members who are affected by and struggling with problem gambling need support to get treatment, help with legal issues, and possibly more. I hope my donation helps the NCPG accomplish their mission.”

Maksim Grinberg has long been known to make donations with the intent of helping families and those in need locally and nationally. Maksim Grinberg has donated money to help and support St. Jude’s cancer research and treatment, as well as many other causes that he believes in.